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With Airline Sales, Watergate Film 18 1/2 Soars Into the Mile-High Club

18 1/2

At a time when big-budget Hollywood films have no guarantees of being seen by audiences at all, it’s gratifying that independent films can still find unique ways to connect with the public, largely by controlling their own destinies.  I’m happy…  Read more

By Aug 30, 2022

The Evolution of Impact: The Future of Social Change and Nonfiction Storytelling

Subjects interviewed in dream hampton's Surviving R. KellySubjects interviewed in dream hampton's Surviving R. Kelly

The conversation about documentary impact has undergone a number of shifts since impact producing began to emerge as a practice within the documentary field around 20 years ago. Today it is almost expected that a social issue documentary film will…  Read more

By Aug 23, 2022

At Cannes: Sandra Schulberg and IndieCollect Call For an Indie Filmmaker Bill of Rights

The Story of a Three Day Pass

In Cannes, Sandra Schulberg, producer, co-founder of IFP (now The Gotham) and head of IndieCollect, participated today in a CNC Discussion on Film Restoration, sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In her prepared remarks, which she gave to Filmmaker,…  Read more

By May 25, 2022

Commercial Breaks: How AVOD is Providing Independent Film Distribution Opportunities

A man working on a science-fiction-y helmut-looking deviceMinor Premise

As theatrical audiences continue to shrink due to COVID, DVD and Blu-ray sales wane and, for filmmakers, streamer licensing deals trend lower as companies prioritize original production, the film sales distribution business is transforming in real time. We’re now in…  Read more

By Jan 18, 2022

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