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Canadians in “Space”: Stéphane Lafleur on Viking

Stéphane Lafleur's VikingViking

While Stéphane Lafleur’s third feature, 2014’s Tu Dors Nicole, chronicled the summer malaise between of aimless Quebecois post-grads, his follow-up, Viking, explores a different, slightly otherworldly strain of existentialism. High school gym teacher David (Steven Laplante) gets the opportunity to…  Read more

By Sep 21, 2022

“It’s Not Funny if It’s Not Bright”: Greg Mottola on Confess, Fletch

Jon Hamm in Confess, FletchJon Hamm in Confess, Fletch

I read Confess, Fletch for the first time in high school and, ever since, it’s remained a personal favorite. That often surprises people when I tell them that, not least because the name “Fletch” is less associated with Gregory Mcdonald’s genuinely…  Read more

By Sep 14, 2022

19 Months from Conception to Completion: Daniel Goldhaber on How to Blow Up a Pipeline

How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Daniel Goldhaber’s second feature, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, takes its title and broader inspiration from Andreas Malm’s non-fiction manifesto, published by Verso. Malm’s book is heavy on the language of comrades and cadres, an exhortation to ecoterrorism to the…  Read more

By Sep 12, 2022

Magic, Misdirection and the Amazing Kreskin: Michael Bilandic and Owen Kline on Funny Pages

Daniel Zolghadri in Funny PagesDaniel Zolghadri in Funny Pages

Director Owen Kline texted me recently to let me know he was in my neighborhood, so we linked up in Washington Square Park to see what was good. He’d just gotten back from Cannes where his debut feature, Funny Pages, was…  Read more

By Aug 25, 2022

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