2022香港6合和彩官网开奖查询|香港6合宝典和彩开奖网站 San Sebastian Film Festival at 70

Laura Mora's The Kings of the WorldThe Kings of the World

It might have been notching up its 70th birthday, but rather than reminisce about the past San Sebastian continues to focus on new voices, as evidenced by a set of award winners  full of up- and-coming talent. Though the festival on Spain’s northern Basque Country coast managed to continue during the pandemic, this year was the first time since 2019 that a real sense of normality resumed. That meant more guests were able to return as restrictions eased—including David Cronenberg and Juliette Binoche, both picking up life-time achievement Donostia Awards—while masks were no longer required in cinemas.  Picking up his Donostia, Cronenberg—whose Crimes of the Future screened at the festival—said: “I used to think that a lifetime achievement award was a…  Read more


Fincher Upstairs, Raimi Downstairs: DP Zach Kuperstein on Barbarian

Georgina Campbell in BarbarianGeorgina Campbell in Barbarian

On a rainy night in a rundown Detroit neighborhood, Tess (Georgina Campbell) arrives at her Airbnb rental only to find the abode double booked and Keith(Bill Skarsgård) already nestled comfortably inside. That’s about all Barbarian’s refreshingly cryptic trailer gives you, along with a few glimpses of the subterranean terror that awaits. So, that’s all I’m going to give away about the plot as well, other than to say that whatever you expect from Barbarian after its first act is most decidedly not what you’re in store for. With the movie in theaters, cinematographer Zach Kuperstein spoke to Filmmaker about recreating Detroit in Bulgaria, employing budget-friendly gear and creating a visual style defined as “Fincher upstairs, Raimi downstairs.” Filmmaker: Let’s start with the…  Read more


Moara Passoni on the Origins of the Brazilian Filmmakers Collective

Today the short film streaming platform Argo launches two new playlists of films by eight members of the Brazilian Filmmakers Collective. Below, Moara Passoni, one of Filmmaker's 25 New Faces, discusses the genesis of the group. — Editor Toward the end of 2013, I moved to New York to launch director Petra Costa’s first feature-film Elena. At the time, we used to joke that we were “the incredible army of Brancaleone" — young Brazilians, mostly women, out to conquer Hollywood. We managed a thumping opening weekend, but it didn’t go far beyond that. That would all change some years later, with Costa's Academy Award-nominee and Peabody Award-winner The Edge of Democracy, but the success of these films is really an exception…  Read more


“A Club You’ve Always Wanted To Be a Part Of”: Abigail Disney and Kathleen Hughes on DCTV Firehouse Cinema’s Inaugural Film The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales

Inside DCTV's new Firehouse Cinema in New York's ChinatownInside DCTV's new Firehouse Cinema in New York's Chinatown

Founded in 1972, DCTV (Downtown Community Television Center) has the distinction of being one of the rare permanent cinema landmarks in NYC. Housed in a striking firehouse on Lafayette Street in Chinatown, the non-profit media center has long been the one of the most prominent documentary production and film education centers in the country. After a storied legacy of hosting various educational programs, folding-chair screenings, master classes, panel discussions and Chinatown-specific community events, on its 50th anniversary the building will now finally house its own specialized cinema.  “We don't make films for ourselves, we make films for people to see them,” said documentarian Jon Alpert, who co-founded DCTV with his wife and fellow documentarian Keiko Tsuno. “It doesn't make a difference…  Read more


Canadians in “Space”: Stéphane Lafleur on Viking

Stéphane Lafleur's VikingViking

While Stéphane Lafleur’s third feature, 2014’s Tu Dors Nicole, chronicled the summer malaise between of aimless Quebecois post-grads, his follow-up, Viking, explores a different, slightly otherworldly strain of existentialism. High school gym teacher David (Steven Laplante) gets the opportunity to revive his dreams of becoming an astronaut by joining a behavioral research team called the Viking Society that will mirror the first manned mission to Mars. This B-team plans to replicate the mission in a controlled environment that resembles the probe—i.e., a Quonset hut in the desert—where they will game out potential interpersonal conflicts between the five-member crew in order to determine potential solutions. The crew has been picked based on how well they resemble the personalities of the astronauts,…  Read more


“Keeping Track of the Blood Continuity was a Constant Thing”: Rebekah McKendry on Glorious

Ryan Kwanten in GloriousRyan Kwanten in Glorious

An unwritten rule of public restroom usage is that one should never attempt to strike up a conversation with the person one stall over, and that’s doubly true if the person next to you is an all-powerful god sent down from the cosmos. After a night of grieving and binge-drinking leads to hugging the toilet bowl at a gross rural rest stop, Wes (Ryan Kwanten) finds himself  in that scenario when the person in the stall introduces themselves. That person is nothing more than a voice funneled through a gloryhole, but what that voice requests of Wes (and why) raises the film’s stakes to a lofty degree. It’s a credit to the director, horror veteran Rebekah McKendry, that the film…  Read more


Marcel the Shell with Shoes On‘s Team on IP Development at Gotham Week 2022

Jenny Slate provides the voice of Marcel the ShellJenny Slate provides the voice of Marcel the Shell

Several years back, Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp traveled with friends to attend an out of town wedding. Opting to scrimp on lodging costs, the duo shared a crowded hotel room with four other friends. Slate just happened to be the only girl in the group, which led to her adopting a “teeny-tiny” voice to communicate her comparative petiteness to the other men in the room. The voice, a running joke for the rest of the weekend, became the eventual creative spark that would launch a web series, children’s books and feature-length film released by A24.   Soon thereafter, the first Marcel the Shell with Shoes On video was born, comprising three integral elements: Slate’s “teeny-tiny” voice, Fleischer-Camp’s joke writing and lo-fi…  Read more


The Woman King Star Lashana Lynch on the Soil, the Sisterhood and Making History

Last year, Lashana Lynch made history as 007 in No Time To Die, this year she uses history to energize her powerful performance in The Woman King. In this episode she talks about how filming that movie “barefoot, on that soil,” surrounded by a truly supportive sisterhood, was so significant to her performance. She explains why she doesn’t have (or even want) a go-to preparation process, what choosing the hard road of avoiding stereotypical roles has done for her career, why she cherishes outstanding assistant directors, and much more. Plus she gives us a peek at her role as Miss Honey in Matilda by way of describing a tiny, but significant, gesture of her hands. Back To One can be…  Read more



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